Saracens Defeats The Worcester Women

Worcester saw a 32-5 defeat when they played against the Saracens in a Women’s Premiership match. For the home side that is totally inexperienced, this was a great effort and seemed like an easy victory for the Saracens following the score line. Even then the game felt quiet balanced until there were 3 substitutions around 50 minutes.

Worcester opened the match with a very confident attitude against the Saracens as they made the first half their own within 17 minutes. However, the home side made their 1st score through Seraphine Okemba. She repeated her pace in two more minutes. Worcester was still undeterred from the match and they kept moving forward with the game. They got the reward of a try from Rachael Lund.

Saracens still kept on pressing forward after this and they surely might have thought about why they were losing exactly at half time.

The debutante of Worcester, Harriet Dunn created havoc in the match while doing the forward play but she carried out well and also broke the tackles. She had to take the unfortunate retirement immediately due to her injury.

Two of the international backs, Sally Tuson and Leanne Riley were introduced by Saracens on the 50th minute where both April Brown and Sarah McKenna made very clever use of the kicks they made. The match started turning against Worcester as faced four consequent tries from Okemba. She showed continued pace throughout the match and one try was from Lynn Cattell too as she made a conversion.

Worcester introduced 6 players to debut in the Premiership and for them this was a very encouraging and well spirited performance. Undoubtedly the Saracens deserve the victory they have got because they had a pace superior to the much inexperienced home side. They were easily outwitted.