Lozowski Sixth Saracen In England Team

Alex Lozowski, the sixth Saracens included in England’s team. He will be playing with England’s regular players Jamie George, Owen Farrell, Billy Vunipola, Alex Goode and Mako Vunipola.

The team of players (33) will first move to Portugal, they will move to place on 30 October. Here training will be given to all the players. This will be specific training that will benefit players during the game. After completing training, the team will come back to London in base camp. Here, the team will prepare for opening match opposite South Africa which will take place at stadium Twickenham.

Talking about the introduction of Alex Lozowski in the team, the England team coach Jones said “some of the players from squad to get injured and we wanted to have a quick replacement of them. Alex Lozowski is also replacing a player and will be included in back.”

He further added “number of leading players in the team got injured and some of them so severe that their recovery till the time of game beginning is not possible. I have a very short period of time to organize a strong once again.”

The team formed will play in a series of Old Mutual Wealth at four different places, South Africa, Australia, Fiji and Argentina. Five other team members picked from Saracens are Jamie George, Mako Vunipola, Alex Goode, Owen Farrell and Billy Vunipola.
“We are hopeful that new team formed will perform best and viewers of Twickenham will enjoy their match.” Said the head coach of England Jones.

The first match will take place in South Africa on 12 November. It will be relayed on almost all sports channels from 2.30 PM sharp. Lovers of Rugby sports too are desperately waiting for the day to some and see the live matches of series Old Mutual Wealth.

Saracens Is The Team In The Spotlight

Everywhere the Saracens seem to be in the news. They have dominated the English rugby and are at the top position right now, having won the European double as well as the Premiership. The team is definitely on a high, having clinched the titles in two consecutive years, 2015 and 2016 after 2011.

Saracens have emulated the victory obtained by the Wasps and Leicester Tigers teams. These teams have also clinched a European double as well as a domestic title. Sarries were able to clinch the Premiership title this year by beating Exeter. The score was a close tally, 28-20 that took place at Twickenham. It added to the league crown that they won at the European Champions Cup. This was a few weeks before.

The Wasps had a similar victory in 2004. The Saracens have been able to achieve titles back to back as Leicester did in 2010. There are several reasons that the team has been on a winning high recently. They have featured in continental finals as well as six major leagues of England.

There are several reasons why the team has been dominating
the ruby arena in the continent. They play a squad game every time. Saracens have used about 41 different players when they played the Premiership games. They have utilized all the players fully as they fought on both fronts. The players as well as the management have worked at perfecting the strategies that have led to successes for the whole club. They had a challenging period this spring. They helped England win several torments including the Six Nations Grand Slam. The experience of the team players is considerable. They have played relentlessly and have built up a formidable performance level that has helped them win so many games.

Saracens Will Be Focused On Winning More Trophies

The Player of the Year accolade might not have reached Saracens but they are determined to make up for it.

RPA awards are one of the several chances that come by the way of the teams. Even though Saracens was unable to win that award this time, it has simply strengthened their determination to win some more.

RPA awards represent Rugby Players’ Association. It is an honor that most team players look forward to winning through the respective roles they play for their teams. The Saracens team had been up to try for the Premiership double as well as the European Champions Cup. However, most of the players like George Kruis, Billy Vunipola and Maro Itoje could not make the shortlisted list of five players who were taken up for the honor. Itoje was nominated for the Young Plyer of the Year however. As per the chairman of the club, they are not really bothered about individual accolades as team accolades are more important now.

Hence, the focus of the team is to win more trophies. They have a thousand tries in the Premiership league that has won them third place. Nigel Wray, the chairman of the club, is confident that the level of rugby played by the team is superior. Hence, the team simply needs to keep up their performance levels and deliver on the field. The team has finished on top this regular season. The nominations for RPA mostly consisted of Wasps who were able to impress their peers. The nominations were taken from a ballot that included Premiership player names. One of the reasons could be that the Sarries play their games based on kick chase strategy while Wasps have a running style that impresses the judges more.

Saracens Confirm West Stand Replacement

The Saracens have confirmed that west stand at Allianz Park will now be replaced with modern stand.

The new stand will have a more improved sports facility. The new stand which is proposed will have:

• Improved competition and education facility for games like rugby, athletics and other community sports.
• There will be an enhanced facility to support Saracens charitable trust.
• For spectators and users too, there will be better facility made without increasing the size of the stadium.

In addition to these proposals, the other things that are anticipated in stand are one-off European Rugby championship cup game. It used to happen in Alliance Park earlier. This will temporarily extend the stadium size of 10,000 person capacity to 15,000 persons.

There is no plan to increase the size of the stadium as if now, the permanent capacity of Alliance Park 10,500 will remain unchanged. Moreover, in a season 16 matches will be played at earlier.

Alliance club is used for various sports events and for the promotion of games and related education. The alliance park was a multi-use community stadium and has been serving people since long time. The restructuring of the stadium will be useful to people associated with the game. Saracen is holding an exhibition to receive feedback of people. They will check the inputs of people and work in process.

The exhibition will held in this regards at following destinations November 10, Fez lounge, Alliance park, the timing will be 7 – 9 PM, November 11, Fez lounge, Alliance Park the timing will be 6-9 PM and November 12 at the Olympic bar at Allianz Park the timing will be 9-11 am.

During the exhibition, the members of the design team and Saracens staff will be there. In addition to holding exhibition, they will also answer queries of people with regards to new stand constructed.

Saracens Unhappy For Bonus Point

Even after having clear wins against Leicester Tigers, Saracens seems unhappy. The reason for their frustration is an unfortunate loss of bonus points.

In the first half of the match Saracens played really well and showcased their extraordinary performance. Maro Itoje and George Kruis both were sidelined because of injury and new order line was created. In the absence of these two key players, Mike Rhodes comes in number 4 and he partnered with Jim Hamilton. Mike Rhodes, use to play at flanker.

The team made a good start and finished the game with astonishing score. In the second half of the game, the team struggled and for nearly 15-20 they just defend themselves. Though, entire team finished at a decent score of 24-3 but because of being sloppy in the second half they couldn’t manage to get bonus points.

Speaking about the performance of Saracens, McCall said, “I really appreciate the performance of the team. They did wonder in such scrum time.” “However, the team could have performed better and not able to bonus point is some kind of frustration coming in, he added.”

Giving the credit of win to Michael Rhodes, McCall said “he did an extraordinary job; going from back row to the second row is not an easy work. But, Rhodes proved his credibility when it was needed”.

The team has a good start and was in form and the chances of getting the bonus point were almost with them. Not able to score it at coming so close to it is a disappointment. The team of Saracen is taking this point positively to improve their performance in coming matches. Saracens are known for their best games and they take every happening within the game as a lesson. Not able to secure bonus point, even after playing well is both lesson and disappointment to them.

Sri Lanka Victory In 7s

The national teams that gained victory in the 7s series were greeted by President Sirisena. There was a felicitation ceremony that was organized with President Maithripala Sirisena being the chief guest of the occasion. Dayasiri Jayasekara, the Sports Minister, set up the ceremony in order to honor the Under 20 as well as Under 18 teams that came back victorious after playing the Asian Rugby Sevens Series that was held in Hong Kong.

The coach and captain of the Under 18 team were handed a cheque of 1.5 million, while a similar cheque was handed over to the captain and coach of Under 20 team as well. The teams had not only won the championship, but they also took the country to the top position in the Asian rugby scene. This has ensured that rugby is back in the spotlight for Sri Lanka. The teams have been dominating the games well and the ease with which the players play has shown that the national teams definitely have skilled and talented players and coaching as well. It also lays the path for the forthcoming tournaments where the teams will have a good position to start with as the younger teams are being prepared well.

After the Asian Rugby championships are over, there had been a protest launched by Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union about the last minute try whose outcome was controversial as per their views. The unions feel that the decision in this try went in favor of Hong Kong which was not right. Before the final try came about, the country had been winning with 17-12 points. The final trial has raised controversies as per the visuals that have been analyzed. The union has written a letter raising the issue to the organizing committee.

Sri Lanka Teams In Asia Sevens

The under 20 team of Rugby 7s were recently victorious as they flew back to their country with the title crown. The Under 18 team has then been contesting the Chinese Taipei team in the finals and they were also able to see victory as they gained the Cup. It is appropriable stated that the young Tuskers were able to light a bright path with their achievements.

In the Asian Schools under 18 championship event of Rugby 7s, the Sri Lanka team was able to showcase their skills and superiority. The top contenders in this tournament were teams like Chinese Taipei. They were also the host nation. In the finals the Sri Lanka team won by 10 points. The Junior Tuskers were able to defend as well as attack in an impressive manner. This helped them gain a great victory against the Chinese.

In the history of the country, it is the first time that the overall Cup was won by them. In the first leg of the tournament they were able to finish third. This took place in Hong Kong. They were able to beat countries like Taipei, Philippines, Singapore, China and UAE in the group stages. The finals saw them face to face with Taipei again. There was a trial scheduled for the very last minute as well. The final score between the two countries was 10-5.

For those who witnessed the game, the Chinese Taipei team was able to dominate the first four minutes of the game. The Lankans however, defended themselves well enough. The hosts put in pressure in the first half, but they were unable to keep it up through the game. However, it did turn out to be an interesting and gripping one for the spectators who thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the game and seeing the win.