Jersey of Mike Brown is what Alex Goode has set his sight on

Alex Goode sidestepped his away from Mike Brown and gained the jersey of number 15. The game was played against Sale and Saracens had a win of 40-19. Saracens proved that he was playing second fiddle to Brown. For the campaign in autumn they will play against the Southern Hemisphere. In the division of back they proved to be in an attacking mood.
Goode showed his class to Stuart Lancaster while sidestepping. The Saracens had the fourth victory in quick succession. In October 22 the names of the latest players were given in the squad. With time his impact will be big. 16 caps have been won by him. The opportunity against England has been given to him for line break. He states that he is going to be a threat for the other players and he is confident of beating them. The fullback competition seems to be fierce as the players in England are outstanding at the current. He does not assume things and constantly keeps prove his mettle. He is inspired by Mike Brown who is performing exceedingly well for his team. Ben Foden is sure to get him back. He wants to keep evolving with the team.
He can become influential with the team. He thinks that his stance of being in the team is rather different. More chances are due for him. He cannot pass and kick. According to Goode the situation of passing the ball was inspirational. He ran forwards. It was the support of Rhys Gill who pinned his ears and then he moved ahead. Charlie Hodgson was equally inspiring in the win of Saracens. Goode gives salute to the big men. The fullback rows were equally hardworking according to the Saracens.