Three quarter for Bath, Dan Bowden has said that his club and team mates must avoid being over-awed by Saracens who are currently at the top of the Aviva Premiership table.

Bowden believes that for them to come off victorious, then they need not entertain the fear factor during the entire duration of the game.

The Sarries are the reigning kings of the European Champions Cup and are also at the top of the Premiership table, with a view of taking home a domestic title that would be their third in quick successions.

Mark McCall’s men have only lost once in the Premiership so far in this season but Bowden believes that the fear factor has been a major factor. He says that most of the opponents have already seen themselves as losers even before the game.

And when they carry such mentality into the game, there is no way they can come off victorious.
“They are a very good side, they are so disciplined at sticking to their gameplan and they exit their own half so well.

“It’s going to be a big test for us but one that we are excited for,”

“In recent times, I think a lot of people have counted themselves out before they’ve even played the game.

“We need to be confident, we are back at home and we have been working on a gameplan that we think will be effective against them.

Bowden, who may likely start the game at fly-half believes that if they are capable of sticking to their game plan throughout the entire duration of the game, they might just come off as victors.

He noted that Saracens mode of play involves breaking a team out of their game plan for a few minutes, which could be quite costly.