Saracens Confirm West Stand Replacement

The Saracens have confirmed that west stand at Allianz Park will now be replaced with modern stand.

The new stand will have a more improved sports facility. The new stand which is proposed will have:

• Improved competition and education facility for games like rugby, athletics and other community sports.
• There will be an enhanced facility to support Saracens charitable trust.
• For spectators and users too, there will be better facility made without increasing the size of the stadium.

In addition to these proposals, the other things that are anticipated in stand are one-off European Rugby championship cup game. It used to happen in Alliance Park earlier. This will temporarily extend the stadium size of 10,000 person capacity to 15,000 persons.

There is no plan to increase the size of the stadium as if now, the permanent capacity of Alliance Park 10,500 will remain unchanged. Moreover, in a season 16 matches will be played at earlier.

Alliance club is used for various sports events and for the promotion of games and related education. The alliance park was a multi-use community stadium and has been serving people since long time. The restructuring of the stadium will be useful to people associated with the game. Saracen is holding an exhibition to receive feedback of people. They will check the inputs of people and work in process.

The exhibition will held in this regards at following destinations November 10, Fez lounge, Alliance park, the timing will be 7 – 9 PM, November 11, Fez lounge, Alliance Park the timing will be 6-9 PM and November 12 at the Olympic bar at Allianz Park the timing will be 9-11 am.

During the exhibition, the members of the design team and Saracens staff will be there. In addition to holding exhibition, they will also answer queries of people with regards to new stand constructed.