Sri Lanka Victory In 7s

The national teams that gained victory in the 7s series were greeted by President Sirisena. There was a felicitation ceremony that was organized with President Maithripala Sirisena being the chief guest of the occasion. Dayasiri Jayasekara, the Sports Minister, set up the ceremony in order to honor the Under 20 as well as Under 18 teams that came back victorious after playing the Asian Rugby Sevens Series that was held in Hong Kong.

The coach and captain of the Under 18 team were handed a cheque of 1.5 million, while a similar cheque was handed over to the captain and coach of Under 20 team as well. The teams had not only won the championship, but they also took the country to the top position in the Asian rugby scene. This has ensured that rugby is back in the spotlight for Sri Lanka. The teams have been dominating the games well and the ease with which the players play has shown that the national teams definitely have skilled and talented players and coaching as well. It also lays the path for the forthcoming tournaments where the teams will have a good position to start with as the younger teams are being prepared well.

After the Asian Rugby championships are over, there had been a protest launched by Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union about the last minute try whose outcome was controversial as per their views. The unions feel that the decision in this try went in favor of Hong Kong which was not right. Before the final try came about, the country had been winning with 17-12 points. The final trial has raised controversies as per the visuals that have been analyzed. The union has written a letter raising the issue to the organizing committee.

Sri Lanka Teams In Asia Sevens

The under 20 team of Rugby 7s were recently victorious as they flew back to their country with the title crown. The Under 18 team has then been contesting the Chinese Taipei team in the finals and they were also able to see victory as they gained the Cup. It is appropriable stated that the young Tuskers were able to light a bright path with their achievements.

In the Asian Schools under 18 championship event of Rugby 7s, the Sri Lanka team was able to showcase their skills and superiority. The top contenders in this tournament were teams like Chinese Taipei. They were also the host nation. In the finals the Sri Lanka team won by 10 points. The Junior Tuskers were able to defend as well as attack in an impressive manner. This helped them gain a great victory against the Chinese.

In the history of the country, it is the first time that the overall Cup was won by them. In the first leg of the tournament they were able to finish third. This took place in Hong Kong. They were able to beat countries like Taipei, Philippines, Singapore, China and UAE in the group stages. The finals saw them face to face with Taipei again. There was a trial scheduled for the very last minute as well. The final score between the two countries was 10-5.

For those who witnessed the game, the Chinese Taipei team was able to dominate the first four minutes of the game. The Lankans however, defended themselves well enough. The hosts put in pressure in the first half, but they were unable to keep it up through the game. However, it did turn out to be an interesting and gripping one for the spectators who thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the game and seeing the win.