Saracens FC building consensus against salary cap

Aviva Premiership Rugby Football Union club Saracens FC has claimed the support of at least seven clubs from the top flight of English rugby who want the salary cap to be scrapped from the game.

The club has said that there will be discussions on the matter when the shareholders meeting of Premiership Rugby takes place in February. The club issued a press release where it said that it was working on creating a consensus among the clubs in the English top flight in a bid to remove the salary cap that has handicapped the progress of the domestic game in England.

The salary cap that was first introduced by Premiership Rugby in 1999 allows each team to spend £ 5 million on their teams, including wages and is expected to rise by another £ 500,000 this season. It also allows the clubs to have two marquee players whose wages are not dictated by the salary cap.

Chief executive Edward Griffiths of Saracens FC said in a recent press meet that if the salary cap is not scrapped; English clubs are expected to lose out on securing top quality players from around the world, many of whom are expected to sign lucrative deals for European clubs following the Rugby World Cup in England.

He added that the purpose it was introduced for has been served and the clubs should now be given a free run to spend money in the transfer market.

The Saracens FC also said that they must be fair to the England internationals as well, who are asked to play at domestic level n England to be eligible for the national team when they could be earning twice or thrice the money if they choose to sign for any of the clubs in France or Ireland and South Africa.